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Aerolase LightPod Neo is a 1064 nanometer laser that can provide a safe, quick, and effective treatment to clear up acne.

Painful and unsightly acne affects many teens, women and men. Acne sufferers often have a lower quality of life caused by social anxiety, actual pain or embarrassment. There are many topical and oral medications that help to clear up acne, but sometimes these fail or don’t help enough or cause side effects.

Without touching the skin, the LightPod Neo® acne treatment targets acne lesions without spreading p. acnes bacteria to unaffected areas of the skin, killing much of the bacteria and shrinking or causing damage to overly active oil glands.

Achieve Your Dream Skin

The Aerolase LightPod Neo laser provides a safe, gentle, and effective way to comprehensively rejuvenate and clear your skin. The Neo is a revolutionary laser that is completely non-invasive, virtually pain-free and can be used for over 30 skin conditions on the face and body, including collagen remodeling, skin tightening, and inflammatory disorders. Using their patented micro-pulse technology, stubborn conditions like acne, rosacea, melasma, lines and wrinkles, and lack of elasticity can be significantly improved in just a few sessions, without any downtime. The LightPod Neo can treat all ethnicities of skin and can be used by those on acne medications whereas with other lasers it may not be permissible.

What is the Aerolase LightPod Neo Laser?

Neo uses a 1064nm laser light that is attracted to a combination of melanin (pigment), hemoglobin (redness and vascular), and water (for collagen rejuvenation) within the skin tissue. Unlike other 1064nm lasers, the micro-pulse technology passes through the epidermis so quickly it doesn’t have side effects that other lasers may have, including pain. These factors are what make the laser so versatile, efficient, safe, gentle and the most effective for all skin types and ethnicities.

The LightPod Neo is one of the most unique lasers in the field of aesthetic medicine. It delivers 1064nm energy to the skin using a safe, gentle energy pulse, which virtually erases pain while providing the best clinical results for even the darkest skin tones. Unlike other 1064nm lasers, the unique patented micro-pulse technology creates better clinical outcomes for over 30 conditions.


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