Alliance Integral LPG Cellu M6


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Package Includes:
– CELLU M6 Alliance Medical device
– Alliance 80 head
– Alliance 50 head
– TR30 head
– Micro-nozzles and Micro-heads
– Ergolift head
– Two Ergolift chamber (Lift20 and Lift10)
– Electrical power cord
– One unpackaging instructions and quick installation guide


Alliance Integral LPG Cellu M6: Revolutionizing Skin Treatment with Innovative Technology

LPG Endermologie, a pioneer in addressing severe skin conditions like scars, fibrosis, lymphedema, and burns, brings over three decades of expertise in studying connective tissue. This extensive experience solidifies their confidence in the inherent capabilities of the skin.

Introducing Alliance Integral LPG Cellu M6

The CELLU M6 Alliance marks a groundbreaking leap as LPG synergizes its cutting-edge technologies to introduce an extraordinary patented innovation.

In terms of stimulation, the Alliance treatment head redefines conventions by combining the force of rolling and the potency of flapping.

Arnaud Fuster, the Director of Research and Development at LPG, proudly unveils this remarkable advancement, stating, “Incorporating a motorized flap introduces an entirely new dimension. It introduces a tangential (horizontal) component to cellular stimulation, enabling fresh outcomes from the third session onward. This revolutionizes treatment intensity and mode of action. The comfort quotient escalates remarkably, as manual maneuvers become almost negligible. The autonomous functionality of the Alliance head on the treatment area accelerates technique mastery, optimizing outcomes, and facilitating knowledge transfer.”

2015 Alliance Integral LPG Cellu M6 – Exceptional Condition

In stark contrast to numerous market offerings, LPG endermologie presents an entirely natural approach—stimulating the skin to combat unsightly manifestations, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, localized stubborn fat, and cellulite.

Endermologie’s mechanical cell stimulation reawakens cells in a painless and natural manner. Drawing on over three decades of expertise and scientific exploration, LPG introduces a novel patent that encapsulates all these natural processes within a single treatment.

Innovative Treatment Heads

  • Ergolift Head:Incorporates a micro-motor utilizing MPF technology, enhancing tissue stimulation.

    Elevates tissue stimulation by an impressive 270%.

    Transparent chamber ensures continuous monitoring of tissue to manage hyperemia.

    Facilitates access to narrow and sensitive areas.

  • Ergodrive Head:Enhances tissue massage by a significant 50% compared to prior technologies.

    Features autonomous motorized rollers (protected by LPG patents) for precision-focused treatment.

    Employs three roll rotations for meticulous treatments: inward, outward, and upward.

    Equipped with a user-friendly control screen, control buttons, and rotating head for seamless operation.

  • Therapeutic Heads:Tailored for therapeutic applications like fibrosis, inflammation, edema, and pre-/post-liposuction.

    TR50 therapeutic treatment head integrates independent motorized rollers, meticulously crafted for precise tissue attachment (deep or superficial) with unparalleled precision.

    Incorporates three control modes for versatile tissue attachment.

    Boosts comfort through an integrated control screen and commands.

    Supplementary TR30 and T15 auxiliary heads cater to delicate areas.

    Micro heads and micro nozzles deliver targeted therapeutic action, especially effective for intricate zones such as fingers.

Experience the Evolution in Skin Treatment with Alliance Integral LPG Cellu M6—where innovation meets natural transformation.

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