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Carestream CS3600 Scanner




High-Speed Continuous Scanning: The CS 3600’s unique continuous scanning capabilities significantly reduce the time it takes to acquire a scan. Your patients spend less time in the chair while you easily acquire all the essential data you need to create an impression in record time.

– Scan in a smooth, uninterrupted pattern
– Quickly and easily acquire dual arch scans
– Eliminate the impact of unsteady hands or fidgeting patients between successive views for more accurate digital impressions
– A broad focal range provides the flexibility you need while scanning
– Acquire optimal scans without having to keep the scanner at a fixed distance

Any Time, Anywhere Matching: With the Intelligent Matching System, freely complete any missing data in any area at any time.

– Jump to any position in the mouth at any point in the scanning process to fill in missing information
– No need to indicate an exact location to the system—simply move and scan


Different Scans Require Different Tips: Two rounded, interchangeable tips in different orientations help you capture scans in hard-toreach areas while still considering patient comfort.

– Both tips are autoclavable to support infection control and can be used up to 20 times
– The innovative side oriented tip offers the shortest available height among scanners with autoclavable tips

Show and Tell in HD 3D: Full HD 3D color images offer enhanced image quality with more vivid color and texture for better doctor/patient communication and increased case acceptance.

– 3D HD color better reflects the reality of the in-vivo situation
– Stunning, highly-detailed images provide the precise detail needed for effective automatic or manual margin line identification
– Convenient CS MeshViewer improves communication with laboratories and referrals


The CS 3600 features dedicated workflows for restorative, orthodontic and implant-borne restorative cases.


Use the scanner as a standalone solution and send scans to the lab of our choice, or integrate with CS Solutions CAD/CAM restoration portfolio.

– Minimize the amount of time spent scanning the patient’s mouth with quadrant scanning
– Automated 3D margin line provides better precision
– CS Restore software lets you design restorations in-office
– Open .STL and .PLY files allow you to use third-party design software


Quickly and easily create digital models for study or for use in fabrication of appliances.

– Optimize full and dual arch scanning
– Simplify bite registration with little to no manipulation
– Save time, money and space with CS Model software
* Automatically create model bases and trims
* Aid treatment planning by viewing models from every possible angle
* Integrate easily with Carestream Dental or other leading orthodontic imaging and DPMS systems


A dedicated workflow designed specifically for implant-borne restorative scanning, supported abutments and scan bodies.

– Minimize confusion and reduce learning curves with intuitive software that guides you throughout the entire scan process
– Simplify image acquisition and editing while providing maximum comfort to the patient with the smart cutting tool—remove only the areas that require rescanning
– Find the view that best fits your needs with split-screen viewing to conduct side-by-side comparison of the digital impressions with and without the scan bodies/abutments in place
– Compatible with open system implant planning and surgical guide software


Sensor technology : 1/2 inch CMOS
Illumination : LED, Amber, Blue, Green
Field of view : 13 x 13 mm
Depth of field : -2 to 12 mm
Anti-fogging technology : Actively heated tip, guaranteed non-fogging operation when used intraorally
Cable length : 2.7 m (1.8 m 0.9 m)
Digital Connection : USB 2.0 High Speed
Dimensions without cable : 220 x 38 x 58 mm for normal and side tips
Weight : 325 g (excluding power box)
Handpiece : Input 12 V 2A
Power box : 75 x 21 x 21 mm Input: 12 V 2A Output: 12 V 2A
Adapter : Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 600 mA
Output: 12V 2A

Package includes:

– 1 Carestream CS 3600 scanner
– 1 Holder
– 1 Power adapter
– 1 Power box with cable
– 2 Normal tips
– 2 Side-oriented tips
– 1 Flash drive containing the driver (software), 3D Mesh Viewer, user documents and training video
– 1 Tooth model
– 2 License vouchers – One device license voucher and 1 software entitlement license voucher

Warranty Information

2 Years


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