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Condor Intraoral 3D Scanner



Everything you look for in an intra-oral scanner. Features Accurate Precise enough to scan a human hair, Condor impressions give you the accuracy you need for a perfect-fit. As precision depends on the type of indication, please contact us if you have accuracy-related questions.

Fast The good news is that we are currently clocking in at 1-minute per arch and 30 seconds per quadrant. The best news is that we are constantly improving our algorithms.

open .STL Condor exports open .STL files, allowing you to work with any lab in the world.

Small Condor consists of nothing more than a handpiece the size of a toothbrush, a laptop, and cutting-egde software.

No powder Last but not least, Condor requires no powder to make digital impressions.

Specifications While our scanning software is at the core of our technology, Condor does rely on a powerful gaming computer for processing as well as a small hand piece for capturing the images. MSI, a well-established computer manufacturer is our partner for the laptops, while the handpieces are made in-house in Lézignan, France.


MSI GT72S 6QF Laptop

Condor Linux

Operating System GeForce GTX 980 Intel i7


Handpiece Weight: 110 grams (or 3.9 ounces)

Length: 20 cm (or 7.9 inches)




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