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GE Vivid E90 2D


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GE Vivid E90 2D Ultrasound is a premium 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you rise above some of today’s complex healthcare challenges, such as helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams. By combining the proven breadth and performance of the Vivid product line with the cSound™ powerful, software beamformer image reconstruction platform, the Vivid E90 takes ultrasound to a whole new level – potentially helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams and cost of care. System Brochure Transducers Brochure GET A QUOTE

GE Vivid E90 2D is a premium cardiovascular ultrasound system that takes the position of the GE Vivid E9 by integrating a new and advanced software-based image processing system called cSound as well as XDclear transducer options like the C1-6-D, C2-9-D, and M5Sc. Unlike the GE Vivid E95, the Vivid E90 does not support 4D functions. However, the rest of its features and capabilities are the same as the GE Vivid E95. Along with a more flexibly programable and powerful “cSound,” the GE Vivid E90 also delivers more enhanced auto image optimization, 2D Auto EF, AFI Productivity Package, AFI Stress, and Scan Assistant Pro capabilities than those of the GE Vivid E9. The GE Vivid E90 also achieves better ergonomics through its light weight design, intuitive control panel featuring a large 12-inch UHD multi-touch LCD screen, and freely adjustable 22-inch high-resolution widescreen OLED monitor. Although the Vivid E90 is mainly designed as a dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound system, it also covers a wide range of clinical applications through different types of transducers. (See below for a full list of its clinical applications.) In terms of price, a refurbished GE Vivid E90 ultrasound costs between $56,300 and $86,000, depending on the condition, model year, degree of past use, and what optional features or transducers are included with it. Browse below to read about the Vivid E90’s specifications, or contact Ultrasound Supply today to purchase this machine today.


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