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LeShape 200


LeShape 200

LeShape is the most innovative option for non Invasive Lipolysis based on Laser technology. Demonstrates unique advantages against any other technology currently use.

– Practical applicator frames
– 4 Handpieces
– Superior contact cooling
– 25mins treatment time

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LeShape 200

This instrument is a medical laser which uses a 1060nm diode laser for non-invasive pain relief through hyperthermic treatment.

A Safe Quick Effective 1060nm Laser procedure leads to a 24% reduction in fat volume thermolipolysis for optimal results with no downtime

This device uses a 1060nm diode laser to elevate the temperature of cells to 42-47°C using the principles of hyperthermic treatment. When the layer of fat cells are stimulated, apoptosis mechanism occurs in the body. It is used for non-invasive obesity treatment which is done by breaking down fat cells.

1. non-suction versatile applicators

2. individual treatment spots per sessio

3. Minimal absorption in the dermis leaves skin’s surface unharmed

4. Laser hyperthermic energy provides collagen & elastin stimulation

5. Advanced cooling system for comfortable treatment

6. 94% satisfied patients


Pulse durationOn time: 20sec, Off time: 10sec
Display‘10.1” HDMI LCD (B) (with case), 1280 x 800, IPS
Dimensions885mm(W) x 865mm(D) x 1350mm(H) (Full package)
Power outputWater Cooling with TEC Module Auto Control
Laser diode power60W Max
Weight85Kg (Full package)
Power Input100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 2.3kVA Max
Optical guideSapphire crystal

Le Shape slimming treatment is the first non-invasive, non-surgical lipolysis to help you lose your stubborn fat in a safe way. Using 1060nm diode lasers, the FDA-approved Le Shape can target and remove stubborn fats while also reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up the skin. The laser energy is delivered into the treatment area, where it targets the fat cells and liquefies them. Since fat responds to a lower temperature than other cells in the body, heat can be used to destroy these cells without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. The liquefied fat is eliminated by the body in the weeks following treatment, so you see results develop gradually. In just one session, you can reduce the treatment area by up to 24 percent.

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