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quickie q700 -up m wellchair


quickie q700 -up m wellchair



Product Width:


Product Length:


Seat Width:

16″ to 20″

Seat Depth:

15″ to 20″

Seat-to-Floor Height:

18″ to 19″

Back Height:

22″ to 28″

Turning Radius:


Ground Clearance:


Product Information

Model Number:



  • Group 3 Standard Duty – K0861
  • Group 4 Standard Duty – K0884

Starting Retail Price:



Lifetime Limited


Max. Range:

Up to 18 miles

(w/Group 24 batteries and 6 mph motors)

Max. Speed:

  • 6 mph (standard)
  • 8 mph (optional)

Battery Size:

Group 24

Drive Wheel Position:


Seat Memory Functions:

  • Seated
  • Pressure Relief
  • Supine
  • Standing
  • Anterior Tilt
  • Elevate

Wheel Options:

14″ drive wheels; 6″ casters


ISO 7176-19:2008 Transit Approved

User Weight Capacity:

265 lbs.

Product Weight:

Starting at 435 lbs.




quickie q700 -up m wellchair standing power wheelchair offers a fantastic balance of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance, allowing you to make tighter turns or drive over uneven ground with greater confidence. Featuring a compact 19.8″ turning radius, reliable 4-pole motors, and independent suspension on all six wheels, the Q700-UP M combines function and luxury for a truly unique driving experience.

QUICKIE Q700 -UP M wellchair Standing has never been more accessible. Easily programmable, the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED powered seating system allows you to tailor the standing experience to your individual needs. With the touch of a button, you can quickly access any one of six memory seat positions. Our brand-new biomechanical standing seat allows you to interact with your friends face-to-face and access environments from new heights. Offered as a fully coded Group 3 power wheelchair, the Q700-UP M provides an accessible funding path to standing for a wide variety of users. Learn more about the Q700-UP M below.


It’s the first-class seat that’s designed specifically to fit you. The SEDEO PRO ADVANCED UP seating system with patented biometric repositioning is more effective than any other standing wheelchair seating system when it comes to independent repositioning throughout the day.

Biometric Repositioning
Moving out of a reclined position often requires use of the tilt function to regain your proper seated posture. With the patented Biometric Repositioning, when you move from reclined to seated, the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED UP will first pass through an intermediary tilted position, using gravity to realign your pelvis in one smooth, effortless motion.

Adjustable to Fit You
The premium headrest (1) can easily be adjusted or removed. All seat widths and depths (2) are infinitely adjustable with just one tool. Also, the seat and backrest width (3 4) can be adjusted independently of each other. Even the armrest height and angle (5) are simple to adjust, too.

Anti-Shear Backrest
Transitioning in and out of recline doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. The SEDEO PRO ADVANCED UP’s power recline is supported by 7″ of anti-shear to better maintain the positioning of the headrest, and even chin control, during recline.

90° Center-Mount Footrest
The new center-mount footrest gives a true 90° knee angle in a seated position. The ergonomic knee pad is also depth-adjustable. Plus, the footplate can go all the way to the ground, so you’re able to do standing transfers in-and-out of your Q700-UP M.

Multi-Link Arm Supports
The new multi-link arm supports can be easily adjusted to a user’s exact needs, allowing for closer joystick positioning and a slimmer profile at the backrest.


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