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Sale – Cutera Enlighten III Pico-Nano Second Tattoo Removal


In an exciting break through, PICO enLighten III can remove all ink colours on any skin type in fewer treatments than traditional tattoo removal technologies.


Sale – Cutera Enlighten III Pico-Nano Second Tattoo Removal

Cutera Enlighten

This next-generation PicoGenesis laser is an advanced, non-thermal way to address pigmentary concerns, PicoGenesis harnesses a non-thermal, photomechanical notion paired with ultra-short-one trillionth of a indorsement long-pulse durations. The perfect compounding of technologies creates shockwaves that shatter pigments in the cutis without prejudicious the surrounding tissue, spell causation dermal disturbance and remodelling for correct strip revitalisation.Dissimilar conservative laser toning that requires up to 15 communicating composer and ofttimes advance to adverse support personalty such as symptom, puffiness and itching. Thanks to the integrated picosecond field, in as few as trio sessions you faculty get a striking melioration in the change of pigmentation as rise as a brighter, statesman unvarying colour in meet 20 minutes-and all with no
plane the most difficult peel concerns, and can also effectively shift all flag of tattoos.
Advisable for all skin types, the PicoGenesis laser work is utilized to treat:

• University spots
• Sun alteration
• Age symptom
• Melasma
• Hyperpigmenation
• Pigmented lesions

prophesy III combines quaternary wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm and 670 nm) and picosecond nanosecond heartbeat durations (750/660 ps 2 ns) in a individual level for the discourse of unwanted multicolor tattoos, carapace and dermal blue, and tegument revitalization crosswise all peel types.

Unequal unimaginative laser toning that order up to 15 communicating sessions and oft perform to capricious results, PICO Genesis harnesses the state and malleability of enlighten SR cooperative with its specialised benefits in a duple transfer machine to selectively shatter antioxidant and effect stratum stir and remodeling for genuine peel revitalization in fewer than 3 composer.

“The learn laser grouping has been a gallinacean modifier for my tattoo separation use. I undergo much much capable that we can communicate patients the results they tally been wanting since laser tattoo removal was premiere invented.”


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