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Sale – Solea Laser Dentistry




Sale – Solea Laser DentistryDentistry

Medical advancements with laser equipment have come a long way in the past several years. With our CO2 dental laser system — the first dental laser approved by the FDA — we provide more effective treatment that is noninvasive, causing little-to-no discomfort. It is effective at treating soft and osseous tissues. By using the device, our laser dentist removes decay and bacteria from the teeth and gums, as well as repairs tooth decay and damaged teeth.

– Faster healing and tissue regeneration

– Reduced need for stitches and sutures

– Less dependency on anesthesia

– Minimal bleeding during and after treatment

– Reduced risk of bacterial infections after treatment

Solea’s breakthrough technology allows you to work without anesthesia for virtually every cavity prep you do, not just selected classes or depths, all in less time than it takes with a drill. You can perform soft tissue surgeries easily when injections, bleeding, sutures, and discomfort are removed from the equation. Solea increases production, provides better outcomes, and delivers an unparalleled patient experience.

WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER When you do cavity preps without anesthesia, everything gets done quicker and easier. No calming patients down, injecting them, leaving the operatory while they get numb or reappointing for work in other quadrants. Greet your patient and get started. You will be done faster than either of you expected. Saving time doing hard tissue work and performing your own soft tissue surgeries enables dramatic practice growth. Solea takes the stopping and starting out of your day. No bouncing between patients. Stay with each patient until you are done and do it all in less time. The average Solea dentist feels like they are doing less work, but in reality, they do 4-6 more procedures per day. That is what the number one selling all-tissue laser can bring to your practice and your life—less stress, more revenue

Sale – Solea Laser Dentistry Included

solea laser glasses for Doctor, Assistant, and patients

Also comes with 2 Contra-Angle

Handpieces and

Ultraduide Solea Handpiece

5 extra tips and Solea Box to prime

Warranty1 year


Dimensions(WxDxH) 12 x 26 x 40 in (30 x 66 x 102 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (65 kg)
Power 13 watts
Physical Media Source CO2
Dental Applications Hard Tissue: Ablation of hard tissue for caries removal and cavity preparation.
Soft Tissue: Incision, excision, vaporization, coagulation, and hemostasis of soft tissues in the oral cavity.
Periodontal Treatment with Ultraguide Handpiece and Hollow Waveguides
Pulse Energy 15 mJ
Laser Classification Class 4 (IV) Laser Product
Available Tips and Sizes Computer control allows for variable laser spot sizes
Handpiece Type / Swivel 75° contra angle handpiece
Control Panel Touchscreen
Foot Operation Variable speed foot pedal
Portable Yes
Wavelength 9,300 nm


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